Control of the vineyards is permanent throughout the year, because for this there is a technical department that performs a total track the status of strains from vintage, scoring from the liters of rain received before pruning until analysis of land to detect possible deficiencies before its subscriber spring. Leading a Technical Engineer and monitors during flowering and vegetative development potential phytosanitary treatments and control of maturation, which begins in the month of July with the Technical Director of Development and whose position is a Bachelor of Chemical Sciences, more than twenty years of experience in the company. When the parameters suitable for grape harvesting indicated begins collecting the same is done in the traditional way in most of our vineyards, cutting the grape and selecting clusters in varieties that will give our best broths, selecting the plots indicating the technical department and have observed the rules of quantity and quality required by our denomination of origin to its ultimate conclusion. The winery has eight different unloading sites for the selection of grapes of better quality, all with the registration of plots and computerized to show our customers the traceability of our wines from the field to the bottle, because from this when any process is still fully computer controlled manner.


In the process of making it has the latest technology in the wine sector, with powerful cooling equipment that make white and pink once it has obtained the must flower with a no longer maceration of between four to twelve wines hours off, and after hours depending on the varieties, are passed to the ship fermentation tanks with four shirts thermal control and all for a powerful computer that issues alarms in case of problems and with a temperature between 14 controlled and 16 ° C and a fermentation time of 30 days, which the fruity aromas of our best grapes are fully preserved in these wines. The red wines are produced in modern autovaciantes with temperature control and contact the juice with the grape skins, with a temperature of 24 to 28 ° C in young wines and a maceration of at least seven days to reap its fruit aromas and at the same time give them a upper middle layer color. Red wines that will be produced for crianzas and reserves, and a more careful selection of the best vineyards and oldest, the preparation process is carried out by autovaciantes with at least 15 days of maceration and an initial temperature of 25 ° C to 30 ° C the end of the cycle, thus achieving high color intensity for endurance and conservation in our modern aging cellar and its American oak barrels and French.


After numerous tastings both the technical team and the commercial, wines that will go to barrels are chosen and that within two years after vintage will be raising with at least one time in the same 6 months which in practice usually 10 further controls DO before and after bottling, with four years of its vintage and at least 12 months in the barrel, which usually tend to be 18 months, the reserve wines not be launched until the internal controls indicate bottled which has rounded it and so indicate the controls that determines our denomination of origin. All this leads to our experience in the bottling being one of the pioneering cooperatives with over twenty years old and sixty developing bottling.


If you want to know where it came from our product, from which the wine that bears his bottle, we guarantee that we work so that our records will take you through a complex computerized system to the vineyard, the day and time you collected the fruit pampered in our facilities we serve for tasting and delight.